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Auburn Little League has ONLINE REGISTRATION! To begin your registration, you will first need to set up your family account. Please read the instructions below before starting to help you navigate through the registration with our new system.  

**Please note, you must be using a newer browser in order to successfully connect and finish the registration process.  We recommend IE 9 or higher.  If you are having trouble, try a different browser or computer.**


1)      Click on the Registration Link below

2)      Click ‘Add a New Family’; if you’ve added your family account already, you can login or request to have your login emailed to you.

3)      You will first enter the main parent/guardian on the account; this person will be the main point of contact with any information coming from Auburn Little League

4)      After the initial parent/guardian is added you will be at your family account page. Next you will need to ‘Add Parent/Guardian’ to the account and then continue with ‘Add Child’

a.       The family account can have multiple parents/guardians and multiple children.

b.       Confirm you have your child's birth date entered correctly.  The leagues populate based on this alone.  

5)      After participants are added to the family account you will notice the option ‘Edit/Change Login’ next to each family member.

a.       This allows you to edit any of the information for that particular member including the username and password for that person/family login

b.      Any member of the family can login to the family account with his/her specific ID

c.       Please take the time to write down at least one member’s login so you can access the family account at a future date

6)      Once the family account has all members added, you can start to register for any open programs simply by click ‘Register as a Player’ next to the child’s name

a.       This will take you through a few selection screens, at which point you will have to agree to the Terms of Service for Auburn Little League and SportsPilot, fill out the remaining registration form, and verify that all the information you are submitting is correct.

7)      After you submit information for each registrant, you will return the family account home page, and will now have a red box stating that there are ‘Items Pending for Checkout’

a.       This is located at the top of the family account; you can register all members of the family before continuing to the checkout page.

8)      When you are ready to checkout, simply put in your credit card information and hit submit.

9)      After your transaction is complete, you will have the option to go back into your family account or exit the screen